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Magnetic Chip Conveyor

Magnetic Chip Conveyor

Possessing strong engineering background and two decades of experience as manufacturer, supplier and exporter we design A-Z of magnetic equipment. The Magnetic Chip Conveyor is one among them and has had wide spread use in many industries. We have designed the Magnetic Chip Conveyor in accordance with the growing requirements that are in demand. The Magnetic Chip Conveyor is a simple conveying system that uses chip magnetic magnets to transport small iron chips or even finished small sized ferrous materials to the collection box. Manufacturing Custom made equipment is a way of life as we very well understand that one product does not suite the need of all which is true to chip magnetic conveyor as well.

  • Magnetic Chip Conveyor

Construction and working :

The Magnetic Chip Conveyor works using the principle of magnets i.e irony substance are attracted by chip magnetic magnets. The Magnetic Chip Conveyor is a totally enclosed structure which has strong chip magnetic magnets placed beneath the smooth top which actually holds the bits and pieces of iron scrap. The conveyor is propelled to action by a motor which also has a provision for control unit which can be used to control the speed of the conveyor, chip magnetic and several other functions.

The functioning of Magnetic Chip Conveyor is uncomplicated and simple but when equated to productivity it stands unmatched. When the equipment is switched on, the conveyor starts its action and small iron chips are attracted by the chip magnetic magnets below. Stuck to the exterior of the conveyor the fine scrapings and chips are strongly bound by the magnetic force and travel along the plain surface, the conveyor also takes up an inclined movement to discharge the chips to the collection pit. Upon reaching the top most position they are relieved from magnetic field of chip magnetic and dropped safely.

Salient features :
  • Constructed with certified raw materials there are no chances for break down
  • Dependable output at all times
  • Can be configured wherever necessary as it does not occupy lot of space.
  • It can also be incorporated into an existing set up without much modification.
  • Lasts for many years
  • Choice of selecting continuous or vibrating mode
  • All the parts are enclosed so there are less chances of damage
  • Continuous lubrication takes place internally
  • Noise less functioning
  • As there are no belts wear and tare replacement is not needed.
Application :

The Magnetic Chip Conveyor can virtually carry any ferrous chips that are hot, cold, dry, wet or oily. The Magnetic Chip Conveyor with chip magnetic is commonly seen in CNC turning centres where small parts manufactured have to be taken by conveyor to collect in delivery spots. Other places include CNC machining units multi-spindle automates, press shops and heat treatment furnaces.

On associating with us for a sale one can expect on time delivery, unparalleled quality, smooth functioning without jams, durable and long lasting performance throughout chip magnetic usage. The sale of Magnetic Chip Conveyor has been done globally only because our products spell quality. Located in Chennai, Tamilnadu,India we have made a mark as a trusted manufacturer by working hand in hand with our clients along with a team of dedicated and experienced engineers who have contributed a lot towards R & D.