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Scrap Metal Recovery

Scrap Metal Recovery

Recovering valuable metals from scrap.

Managing scrap is the toughest challenge faced in today’s scenario. With the leap in production of electronic goods and specially mobile phones e-waste growth rate is 3-5% annually. With such alarming numbers quick steps has to be take to cope up with the mounting waste. Recycling is the best alternative where in metals are also recovered which gives returns. Scrap metal recovery is given at most importance as it is much easier to recover it from waste than processing it from ores.

  • Overband Magnet
  • Eddy Current Separator
  • Over Band Magnetic Separator
  • Eddy Current Machine

Star Trace Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer rendering effective turnkey solutions for scrap metal recovery. The unique processes flow designed for scrap metal recovery ensures that complete recovery takes place so as to churn out wealth from waste. Several equipment are put to use for scrap metal recovery which includes overband magnetic separator, eddy current separator etc. Ferrous substances are effectively removed by magnetic separation; depending on the particle size specific equipment are put to use. Scrap metal recovery for bigger sized substances is effectively carries out by suspended magnets which pull up ferrous scrap effortlessly and segregate. Scrap metal recovery of finer particles are handle by various other equipment specific for the composition of scrap. In the Scrap metal recovery process removal of non ferrous metals is taken care of by using the Eddy current separator after complete removal of ferrous metals.

Upon performing effective Scrap metal recovery, the recovered metals serve as prospective secondary source and meet the market demand. In addition to generating revenue Scrap metal recovery saves the environment from ill effectives of dumping in open ground. Once indulged in Scrap metal recovery the flow of raw material will never deplete and restoration of ferrous and non ferrous metals is sure to reap results. Star Trace has handled several Scrap metal recovery projects in numerous countries and has delivered results which stand for expertise.