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Suspension Permanent Magnet

Suspension Permanent Magnet

The Suspension Permanent Magnet from Star Trace is one of the best separation equipment for conveyor belt applications. Placed in a welded framework, the suspension magnet harbors a powerful permanent magnet capable of removing tramp iron from huge volumes.

The suspension permanent magnet is capable of retaining magnetic property even at high temperature and functions with full potential. Its capability of high remanence and coercivity prove them to be good sources of magnetism. The rare earth permanent magnet works without break in full potential.

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  • Suspended Permanent Magnet
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  • Suspension Permanent Magnet
Permanent Suspended Magnet Suspended Conveyor Magnet Suspended Permanent Magnet Suspension Magnet Suspension Permanent Magnet

The magnetic steel of the Suspension Permanent Magnet is chosen from the national famous magnetic material enterprise (national inspection-exempted product) with high purity material and advanced manufacturing process to ensure the magnetic property will not be affected by ambient temperature and mechanical vibration.

The magnetic material in Suspension Permanent Magnet is electroplated on the surface, and assembled with particular clamp by special men, to minimize the difference and make strict anti-corrosion treatment. This Suspension Permanent Magnet series links up with transportation equipments such as all types of belt conveyers, vibration conveyers and charging pipelines to form a complete set to remove the iron magnetic materials under weight of 0.1~0.5kg mixed among the non-magnetic materials to ensure normal & safe operation of the next-step equipment (such as muller, crusher, etc.).


Prominent features of Suspension Permanent Magnet:

  • The permanent magnet displays a strong magnetic field
  • No messy electrical wires.
  • A compactly designed structure.
  • Cleats are made of SS for durability.

Options provided on request

  • Plates made of stainless steel
  • Stripper pan to facilitate easy cleaning
  • Complete suspension set for mounting on to the conveyor frame

Criteria for selecting suspension permanent magnet

Check the kind of feed material to be subjected for separation

  • Size of raw material is crucial
  • Account of Feed depth
  • Width of conveyor belt
  • Speed at which the conveyor moves


Typical Applications of Suspension Permanent Magnet are:

  • Removal of ferrous materials in mining operations.
  • Separation of ferrous contamination in quarries.
  • Magnetic extraction of ferrous particles in wood processing.
  • Recover ferrous metal in waste management process.

Suspension Permanent Magnet is used in wide applications like

  • Cement industry.
  • Power industry.
  • Ore industry.
  • Ceramic industry.
  • Non-metallic ore industry.
  • Metal industry.
  • Chemical industry.
  • Glass industry.
  • Paper-making industry.
  • Building industry.
  • Sugar refining industry.
  • Pharmaceutics industry.
  • Food industry.

Suspension Magnet

We Star Trace Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are eminent manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of suspension magnets with more than two decades of experience. The suspension magnets are designed to trap ferrous contaminants of different sizes. By removing the irony substances the raw materials are freed from contamination and at the same time parts of other machinery are protected from damage.

The great advantage of the suspended or suspension permanent magnet is that it can be installed into the process line without making any changes in the prevailing set up. A simple procedure of suspending it up over the conveyor belt with the help of fastening chains so as to create maximum proximity is sufficient for efficient working.

Salient features of suspension permanent magnet

  • asy installation
  • Strong built up to with stand rough working conditions
  • Permanent magnet needs no electricity
  • Customized suspension magnets to match conveyor width
  • Self cleaning variant also available

Food, chemical, fertilizer, mining, gypsum and many more industries make use of the suspended magnet.

Suspended Magnet

As a leader in the field of magnetic equipment manufacturing Star Trace offers a wide range of suspended magnets in standard sizes and dimensions. They are equipped to remove tramp iron from the feeds so as to protect the other parts from damage as well as to improve the quality of the product. The suspended magnets are highly durable permanent magnets and do not need electricity for their operation. The Suspension Permanent Magnet attracts ferrous particles that are carried by the conveyor belt. When sufficient amount of tramp is collected it is removed.

Areas of usage:

  • Glass
  • Recycling
  • Power Station
  • Coal
  • Sugar

The permanent suspended magnets are available in standard sizes as well as in customize dimensions to meet the requirement of different clients. Maintaining an optimal distance from the conveyor will fetch best results in retrieval of iron contaminants.

As manufacturers, suppliers and exporters we monitor sales, right from taking up the order to delivery. Quality and specifications are met to global standards as we have clients not only in Chennai,Tamilnadu,India but also globally.


Upon using the Suspension Permanent Magnet there is effective removal of tramp iron from materials that are to undergo successive processing to reach the finished product stage. The setting up of the Suspension Permanent Magnet is simple and easy. The prominent features that contribute to easy installation are

  • Can be set up in existing process arrangement
  • Low maintenance
  • Attractively priced
  • Electricity is not needed
  • Suspended setup, no extra space is required.

Factors that contribute to effectiveness

  • Strong built up
  • High intensity permanent magnet
  • Lasting magnetic intensity.

The Suspension Permanent Magnets sales by Star Trace have been done across many industries nationally and globally. Quality and cost effectiveness as a rare combination can be seen in all our equipment, which we owe to our efficient engineers and the experience we gained over the past 25 years. Associate with us to experience the truth behind Suspension Permanent Magnet like many of our valued clients.


An effective method to bring about a quality product for sale is to follow strict quality checkers and rule out existence of contaminants. Following processing techniques without removal of impurities would make no improvement in the end product. One of the common methods to remove tramp iron particles from a product stream is to employ a suspension trap magnet or suspension permanent magnet.

The positioning of the suspended tramp magnet is over a conveyor belt from which iron impurities are removed. Placing the suspension magnet at minimal possible distance paves the way for maximum harnessing of impurities.

Note worthy features of suspension trap magnet.

  • Permanent magnet with high intensity
  • Tough body built up to with stand rough working environment
  • No major changes needed for installation
  • Automatic and manual cleaning models available.

Food, chemical, quarries, cement, garbage etc. are few of the industries that make use of suspension trap magnet. Serving clients globally needs adherence to global standards which is strictly followed by us.


Nurtured by scientific approach and technology, Star Trace is a leading manufacturer of suspension magnet and a plethora of magnetic equipment which are widely used by client across the globe. Our streamlined and systematic approach in manufacturing, combined with stringent quality checks has helped us in bring out quality products.

The suspension magnet is suspended from above over a conveyor belt that carries raw material which needs to be purified of iron contaminants. No rearrangement of factory set us is needed as they are to be set up over a conveyor belt. Permanent magnets with high intensity are used to bring about effective separation. The distance between the conveyor and suspension magnet has to be kept to a minimum for effective ferrous removal. Automatic and self cleaning models are available in different dimensional specifications.


  • Iron retrieval from industrial and household waste.
  • Cement manufacturing
  • Foundry
  • Pulp and paper manufacturing units.


Suspension Electro Magnet Specification
Model No Belt width(mm) Suspension height(≤mm) Materials Thickness(≤mm) Weight(kg) Belt speed(≤m/s) Overall dimension(mm)
STPS-115 400 125 60 115 4.5 400 300 230
STPS-65 400 75 30 65 4.5 400 250 140
STPS-206 500 150 90 206 4.5 500 350 260
STPS-96 500 100 50 96 4.5 500 260 160
STPS-295 600 175 120 295 4.5 600 450 280
STPS-158 600 130 60 158 4.5 600 350 180
STPS-450 650 200 150 450 4.5 650 600 300
STPS-450 650 200 150 450 4.5 650 400 300
STPS-680 800 250 200 680 4.5 950 950 380
STPS-550 800 200 150 550 4.5 800 600 300
STPS-1180 1000 300 250 1180 4.5 1100 1000 380
STPS-1670 1200 350 300 1670 4.5 1300 1340 420
STPS-2350 1400 400 350 2350 4.5 1500 1500 420
STPS-2850 1600 450 400 2850 4.5 1750 1750 460