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Lifting Magnets


Star Trace Company provides design and manufactures lifting magnets for wide range of applications like permanent, electro-permanent , battery-powered, and electromagnetic technologies too. Based on our heavy duty lifting magnets, it utilizes neodymium, which is one of the most strongest and heaviest magnetic material in the universe. In Star Trace , the lifting magnets stands unique and versatile, compact, and it would be very easy to operate for the uneducated peoples too. The lifting magnets can be used on the both flat and round material.

In fact, our company provides larger lifting magnets that are been very helpful for applications such as ideal for handling steel plates, forgings, die castings, and it also be very helpful in similar items in machine shops, warehouses and in industrial processing plants too.

The lifting magnets, thus provides flat or round ferrous metal items, and it eliminates the need for slings or the clamping devices.

The magnetic material doesn’t requires any electric power, that needs for the process of magnetic material.

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